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Cat Toy Feather Wand

Our cat Toy Feather Wand is an enticing accessory for your kitty, our soft, furry fabrics make it basic to clean, and the bells and rods make it a fun play piece for our cats.

Cat Toy Feather Wand Ebay

This funny cat Toy Feather Wand is a fantastic accessory for your cat's playtime, with cute cat Toy Feather wand, you and your cat can your favorite cat Toy and play together. The cute cat Toy Feather Wand is a first-class accessory for playtime and will only add to the fun for your cat, this is a fun and unique piece of jewelry for your cat. This dangle is fantastic for when they are wanting for a little fun in their lives, the cat Feather Wand stick gives your cat a fantastic surrogate to get air and something to do with their day. This dangle is furthermore interactive, meaning your cat can use it to dangle the Toy bell in front of their catnip bush, this will give them a few minutes of joy from the act of playing. This is a top-grade Toy for your cat or dog, the da bird Feather Wand is soft and comes with a ferret pull apart. It gives six different height options and a built in settings, so your cat can find the right level play pace, the cat Toy rod is conjointly free shipping. The electronic motion cat Toy is a first-class substitute for your cat to learn about and enjoy movement, the Wand with Feather feature is lightweight and basic to move, while the interactive design lets your cat explore his surroundings. With over 50 abilities, your cat will be able to enjoy playing and learning with the cat Toy for hours on end.