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Da Bird Cat Toy

A must-have for any cat lover's toolkit! The 3 sparkler refill for Da Bird wand cat Toy is top-of-the-line for keeping your cat entertained and clean, this Toy is fabricated of high-quality materials and comes with top-notch features such as side power, indoor and outdoor play.

Go Cat Da Bird Cat Toy

This is a go cat Da Bird cat Toy refills package that will send your Da Bird back to new condition with a few simple uses, the Toy provides 5 refill forms which all use common white feathers as the power source. The Toy comes with a box and it is that simple, you just need to open the box, take out the Toy and put it into the refills. The Toy will start working once it is filled with feathers, the feathers can be used to create the Da bird, but he will be a little Bird with some feathers left over. Once you have fill him with feathers, you can use him again, it is that simple. The Bird cat Toy wand is a must-have for any cat family, with its cute and fluff-rich design, this wand will make your cat happy and busy. The wand also grants a few awarding features, such as 8 different collars and wands, so your cat can finds new and interesting ways to write letters and communicate with others, the outstanding addition to all cat's toolkit, these 5 turkey feather refills Da Bird wand cat Toy refill toys are unrivaled for helping your cat learn new tricks or developing their agility and dexterity. Made of soft materials, these refills are basic to fill and keep entertained for hours on end, the cat Toy is an enticing surrogate to keep your cat entertained and safe. The Toy provides a built-in feather wand, which extends 4 attachment points and can be used with children of all ages, the Toy is moreover bright green and renders a daisy-like design. It is top-quality for entertaining your cat and is interactive, allowing them to play and learn.