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Door Knob Cat Toy

Introducing an unrivaled addition to all Door Knob caster! The fat cat scratchy mat does the job but with less risk of damage, being a key农気に配れるのはきっかりだと思っています! The fat cat scratchy mat comes with Toy that lets you and your cat share a little fun.

Best Door Knob Cat Toy

This Door Knob cat Toy is a first-rate substitute for your cat to learn and play with you! The fat cat scratchy mat presents a rich green and black design and is fabricated from high-quality wood, it renders two screw-on hinges and a small key ring so your cat can easily get at the key. The catnip lures are specially made to appeal to your cat's sense of taste, the Door Knob cat Toy is further an outstanding surrogate to get your cat working on her keypads. The hanger is sturdy and heavy-duty design will not let your cat down, the hangers are made out of sturdy metal. This Door Knob cat Toy is sure to please any kitty lover, the fat cat doorknob catnip hanger is a Door Knob cat Toy an extra measure of pleasure on those who take the time to eye it up. It's all about creating interest in the home with this of attractive lures, the 4 attractive lures make for a delicious and continued appeal.