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Knit Cat Toys

Introducing a sterling addition to cat's environment - the stuffed animal Knit cat doll! This unique toy is packed with features and valuable for hours of fun with your feline friend, with a small tooth fairy pocket to store your toys, and a beautiful fabric zippered cover, this toy is sure to please.

Barn Yarn Cat Toys

The chilly dog barn yarn cat toy is an unique and unique toy for your cat, this hand Knit toy is manufactured with chilly dog barn yarn and catnip, and is 50 piece box. The toy is manufactured to provide a good home for your cat, this seller offers some of the following: -2. 5" l x 2, 0" w x 1. 0" h -tagged with this seller -on sale now -worries about getting your cat to take care of itself? No more! Xs 6 vo-toys panda bear cat catnip treated Knit small 2, 5 inch animal toy lot comes with amazing disciple technology that keeps your cat entertained and safe. With 2, 0" w x 1. 0" it gives a small size that is sensational for busy mommies and plus, the stylish knitted toy is sure to please any animal, knitting for kittens can be difficult, but with this guide you'll be able to make by knitting a cat toy in about 25 minutes! This toy is excellent for's's tiny little heart-shaped faces, bright blue eyes, and soft, down-filled faces! She'll be excited to wear it and use it to play and play! This is a toy kit for your favorite our savvy tabby will adore this new surrogate to play with play. This toy kit includes 12-packs of knitted mice and balls, as well as a few balls and mice, the kit is top-notch for the voracious cat that loves to play.