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Petsafe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy

If you're wanting for a facile to operate and bright Laser Light cat toy, the Petsafe coaliery's Automatic Laser Tail is perfect, this model can be placed on any level of space, and can move on the floor thanks to the coaliery's skidding design. With its sensors and control software, the cat Toy pads can also be easily replaced.

Petsafe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy Amazon

This is an unique Automatic Laser Light cat Toy that uses Petsafe technology to ensure your cat presents an easily accessible Light at all times, the stationary Light is turned on when your cat goes to bed, and the Light continues to move on the floor as they move around. This Toy is designed to help keep your feline friend safe by providing a fall-safe haven to future activities, the Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light cat Toy effortless to set up and to off when you no longer want it on. It extends a green Light that signals terms of this agreement, this is a pet safe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light cat Toy that will make your kitty feel safe and comfortable. The Toy is manufactured of plastic and metal and is fabricated to not allow sharp edges or metal that could cause a nuisances, the Toy gives a safety Light and the ability to change colors. This is a sterling Toy for adding some grove on and safety to your cat's room, the Toy is uncomplicated to operate with a low voltage input and an Automatic shut off. The Light will stay on until your feline friend is of safe reach, this Toy as well environmentally friendly with a green Light to indicate that.