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Real Fur Mouse Cat Toy

This Toy is dandy for enthusiasts who admire to play and explore, the 20 toy-like mice have a beautiful catnip-strewnrattle sound and are made of Real rabbit Fur cat toy. This waster of time is sure to please.

Rabbit Cat Toy

This Toy is sensational for it renders Real rabbit Fur which soothe and amuse com this rabbit Fur cat Toy pack is practical for people who desire to play with their Fur rabbits, there's a Real Fur rabbit Toy in every pack, so you'll find the one you've always wanted. This set includes a jumbo white and black pom ball cat toy, which is exquisite for enthusiasts with children, or for individuals who like to;). This rabbit Fur Mouse cat Toy offers Real rabbit Fur that is white, the Toy is with built-in rattle sound and a soft, warm feel. This rabbit Fur Mouse Toy is a best-in-class addition to your cat's Toy library, with a Real rabbit Fur coat and skin, this Toy is produced to feel Real cat hair and skin. The Toy also presents a soft, smooth Fur and a rabbit ear sound, it is moreover water resistant and presents a non-toxic paint. This Toy is top-notch for cat lovers who desire to play and explore.