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Sparkle Ball Cat Toy

This Sparkle fluffy Ball cat Toy is an unrivaled substitute to keep your feline friend entertained! With these 20 mm mini Sparkle balls, they can explore their world and get some beauty and this Ball cattery offers accounted for all their needs and will make your feline friend very happy.

Sparkle Ball Cat Toys

The Sparkle Ball cat Toy is a sensational alternative to keep your cat entertained and loved! This Toy renders a shane green textured background and a Sparkle symbol on one side, the Toy is fabricated of plastic and provides a three-foot long life span. It includes 10 poms and 10 poms with glitter, the poms are clap leaders and the poms with glitter are above the pom leaders. The poms are colorful and the Ball is java blue, the cat will be excited when he or she sees the Sparkle symbol on the toy. The Sparkle Ball cat Toy is a terrific alternative to keep your cat entertained and loved, the Sparkle fluffy Ball cat Toy tinsel pom poms glitter interactive Toy is top-of-the-line for cats! It presents 20-100 pcs of Sparkle fluffy Ball cat toys that will culture and protect their fur days. The interactive Toy gives a bubbly color that will make your cat jump for joy, while the and glitter are sure to give your cat an extra edge in the pet kingdom, this Sparkle Ball cat Toy is sterling for your feline friend. With a bright and addicting lit up light, this Toy is a best-in-class substitute to make them feel the enjoy front, with different colors and patterns to choose from, this Toy is sure to leave your cat feeling happy and sprightly. Whether you're home alone or this Toy is top-quality for making their cat life a priority, this Sparkle Ball tuff kitty puff cat Toy is an outstanding play Toy for kitty cats. It is a fun mini Toy that extends a beautiful Sparkle effect, the 6 pak version is mini-sized, making it basic to take along on walks or journeys.