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Wiggle Worm Cat Toy

Introducing the Wiggle Worm cat Toy - an unrivaled addition to Wiggle figure-of-eight toy, this 5-pack model renders two worms in a connect-able knot position that can be moved around to create ever-changing looks and styles. The Toy is machine-washable and on all surfaces - outstanding for making play time an add-on or addition to a house- bunny outfit for enthusiasts winter days.

Cheap Wiggle Worm Cat Toy

This or ca Wiggle Worm cat Toy is a top-grade addition to all cat's Toy box! The Toy is soft and colorful, and will keep your cat entertained while they play, this Wiggle Worm cat Toy is top for learning new directions or exploring new places! The Toy is manufactured of plastic and is size for an or larger cat. The cat Toy can be played with or played with cat, when the cat Toy is in the cat's mouth, it is since the cat Toy is not sharp, the cat Toy can cut the skin of the cat's face. If you're scouring for a fun and interactive cat toy, search no more than the orka Wiggle worm, this Toy is top for cats who are scouring for a good time. With its various movement and wrinkles, the Wiggle Worm is a terrific surrogate for your cat to get out of the league and into the fun of their day, the Worm will move around and amaze others with his or her antics! So why not enjoy your cat's fun while in the water? The Worm jiggles and corrupts in the water, providing play time for all.