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Yarn Cat Toys

Yarn cat toys are valuable solution for your cat's fun or - special square toy balls made with natural catnip and hand-stitched with water resistant fabric, they are also first-rate for helping your cat explore their environment and make new friends.

Cat Toy Yarn Ball

This is a handcrafted, crocheted catnip cat ball toy, the toy is manufactured with 100 cotton Yarn so that the ball can "classical crochet" its surrogate through the days of winter. With a little bit of adzes and buts, the catnip can be fantastic little addition to your cat's toy closet, this presents yo-yo, a catnip-based toy, and a small bell that opens and closes, to keep the cat entertained. The pieces are made from 100% wool and hand-knitted in the est, this flimsy and cheerful toy is sterling for the little kitty in your life, and as well an outstanding addition to your cat's home as a lazy set or even as an own toy. This set includes 8 balls of woolen Yarn cat toy, these toys are unrivaled for cuddling and play. The toy extends a built-in bell that tells you the time, the toy is soft and smooth to the touch, making it a top-of-the-line alternative for a young child. These cat toy balls with bell and cat fuzzy balls are first-rate substitute for your cat to play and explore, the balls are made of cotton and have a built-in bell and fabled cat, performing tricks with them. These balls are terrific for play and are 6 pack, so you can get your cat a set of multiple balls to play with.