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Cat Toys Captain America Helmet

This is a beautiful Helmet and prop mask boxed gift, we offer Captain America 11 wearable Helmet replica cosplay prop mask and boxed gift. This Helmet is manufactured of 100% high quality materials and is best-in-the-class for a real Captain America look.

1:1 Life Size Captain America Helmet Wearable Mask Helmet Cosplay Props
Marvel Spiderman 1:1 Full Mask Wearable Helmet Remote Control Eyes Cosplay Prop
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Cat Toys Captain America Helmet Ebay

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a sensational deal on a practical piece of clothing and to wear a peerless accessory! This enticing Helmet is a top-notch addition to your cosplay persona! This product is an unrivaled for as a Helmet as Captain America in america, this mask is produced of silicone and makes it very durable and straightforward to wear. Looking for a new Captain America helmet? Look no more than our 11 Captain America wearable Helmet replica prop in stock! This unique piece is a top fit for somebody who loved Captain america's iconic helmet, and is unequaled for any activity that requires a high level of protection, whether you're a fan of the movie character or want to wear one as a-sunglasses, we've got you covered! The 11 Captain America Helmet is an unique prop that extends been made to look like tom the Captain of the America team. This prop renders a frizzed head style and a t-shaped part in the back that shows the title logo, the Captain America Helmet is additionally machine-gun resistant and features a reflecting shield and a blue and white stripes on the back. The Captain America Helmet is recommended for use in the x-men or fantastic four teams.