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Felted Wool Cat Toys

Wool balls are outstanding for your cat, and can be a fun surrogate to with them while also providing educational value, these balls are 5 pack and are made from soft, soft felt. They are sensational for your cat or small dog, and are top-of-the-line for providing some fun excitement and play.

Wool Cat Toys

The large Wool balls are made from felt Wool 2, these balls are large enough to get a lot of play with a but small enough that they won't get in the way. The balls are made in nepal with premium Wool that is in the usa, this hand-made felt mouse cat toy is an exceptional surrogate for your feline friend to amaze others and make new friends too! This toy is manufactured with 100% Wool content in order to feel good and cause some excitement for your feline friend. Plus, without the catnip content, this toy is only good for being nifty! This unique cat toy is manufactured of Felted Wool and is produced to be interactive and entertaining for your cat, the rattle is manufactured from natural cat hair and comes in four different colors. The toy gives a comfortable handle and is first-rate for making my cat happy and enjoying herself, the vo-toys 2 wooly Wool candy felt capsules 100 pack cat toy is a best-in-class substitute for your feline friend to be woolly and crumbly. Our vo-toys 2 wooly Wool candy felt capsules 100 pack cattoy is filled with enjoyable vo-toys that will keep them entertained for hours on end, whether they're tummies are second nature or not, this toy set is an exceptional surrogate to keep your feline friend entertained and happy.