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Fish Cat Toy Catnip Kicker

This electric cat Toy is a top-grade addition to your pet's entertainment and creative play environment, the interactive Fish system provides hours of enjoyment for your pet, and the crazy dancing pet catnip Toy is first-rate for a quick and basic laugh.

Electric Wagging Fish Cat Toy Realistic Flopping Moving Kicker Simulation Fish

Electric Wagging Fish Cat Toy

By OriginalSourcing


Realistic Cat Toy Fish Catnip Mint Stuffed Pet Interactive Kitten Play Kicker
W/ Catnip
Cat Kicker Catnip Electric Wagging Fish

2 PCS Flopping Fish Cat

By Unbranded


Catnip Fish Cat Toy

This cat Toy is sterling for playing with your feline friend, the interactive Fish allows you to Toy with your favorite kitty while they play. Canin cat Toy is practical for making their feline friend laugh, the add-on catnip toys provide a twist on the common Toy for feline friends. This set provides a little fun for all your feline friends! Our interactive Fish cat Kicker gives been designed for children who grove on to play but also need to learn new skills, the Kicker is facile to handle and can be performed with just your hand while playing. The cat chew Toy is even more innovative in that it provides enough stimulation to keep cats entertained for many hours, this electric cat Toy is a practical substitute for your goldfish to move and entertain yourself. The cat Toy is interactive and will light up when it is trained to do so, while the pet caddy provides a fun welcome gift, this is a sterling for players of all ages who enjoy to play with their teacup Fish cat. The interactive Fish is one of a kind and imparts a real life experience that can only be found in a real cat, this kicking Toy is top-grade for making play time more exciting. The five different colors and three statements are sure to keep children entertained for hours on end.