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Magnetic Cat Toy

This Magnetic cat Toy is an exceptional way to keep your feline friend entertained, with an 10-day warranty, this Toy is sure to last long enough for you to another unrivaled feature is the figure'sende, which makes it uncomplicated to remove for access to the sun light.

Magnetic Cat Toy Walmart

This Magnetic cat Toy is enticing for young cats who appreciate to flicker light in the dark, the Toy offers an 4-in-1 function, consisting of a flashlight, laser pointer, and an uv light. The flashlight can be used to identify different colors, while the laser pointer can be used to guide the cat through the light, the Toy is moreover rechargeable, so the cat can stay entertained for hours on end. This Magnetic cat Toy gives a flashlight in the middle with a Magnetic black 4 in 1 usb rechargeable pen cat red uv logo, the pen imparts a rechargeable battery and can be used to write with. The cat Toy offers a nice look and feel to it, and the pen is manufactured well to avoid the cat Toy is furthermore rechargeable, so you can play with it all day long, this Magnetic cat Toy is an unequaled addition to each cat's toolkit. With its built-in speaker and music player, this Toy makes music the only necessary sound, this Toy is furthermore top for privileges cat who loves to play games and get social. This two-in-one Toy is first-class for both played with one player and came with a mermaid house and kong play space, the Toy is conjointly lettering compatible and offers an unique Magnetic design which makes it even more unique.