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Whack A Mouse Cat Toy

This interactive 5-holed wooden Whack A Mouse game puzzle Toy is A peerless addition to your pet's hunt and play party, with friends you can enjoy your pet while this Toy is moreover top-of-the-line for young children who are learning how to handle their pet's and their friends.

Whack A Mouse Cat Toy Ebay

Thiswhack-a- Mouse cat Toy is A fun substitute for you and your cat to play and explore, the Toy offers A hard shell outside and A soft inside. It is produced from soft materials like cloth and leather, so your cat can feel comfortable in it, the Toy imparts two play buttons on the side that allow your cat to play without getting in trouble. This Toy is sensational for my cat! It is A solid wood puzzle with A built in Whack A Mouse game, my cat loves to play, and this Toy makes it easier for her. This Toy is for the cat who is still scouring for the mouse, tracker and master from the Toy box. In this game you are able to Whack A Mouse cat Toy wooden solid Whack A game puzzle Toy catch mice, the game is over when one Mouse is caught by the end of the game. This Toy is A best-in-class Toy for the cat who is still searching for the mouse, the Toy is tracker and from the Toy box. The cat toys is an interactive automatic feather Mouse holes whack-a-mole game, these concluded automatic Mouse games are top-rated substitute to keep your cat entertained. With 7 holes, your cat will be able to explore and learn new skills.