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Cat Toy Plastic Ball With Bell

This play Toy is an outstanding solution for your kitten's play time, this Ball imparts a jingle Bell inside that will sound off when your kitten is playing. This Toy is furthermore lightweight and uncomplicated to hold for your kitten.

Plastic Cat Toy Balls

The 48 pc, set of Plastic cat Toy balls is designed to join the fun and excitement of a game of balls With your furry friend. Each Ball is filled With fun jingles that will get your feline friend on the fun side, these balls are splendid alternative to get your feline friend excited for sun exposure and day hikes. The 48 pack 1, 6 cat Toy Ball With Bell Plastic lattice jingle balls kitten chase is a terrific Toy for cats of all ages. With see-through balls and a Bell that rings, this Ball can be used to teach middle school students how to say "yes" and "no" as emergencies, the balls are made of Plastic and have a lattice jingle Ball design for stability in combat. They are also soft and lightweight, making them top-rated for cats who are exploring their new environment, this is a replacement Ball for your cat's Toy box. It is colorful and hasbro quality and will add some excitement to your cat's play room, this product is a sensational for playing With your cat in your room or out in the open. Your cat will be entertained and happy, these Toy balls are soft and colorful. They are made to be play and are sensational for cats to play with, there are 20 pieces in all and they are plastic. They come in the box and set.